Software development
Technical support
Quality assurance

Irina Melnikova

Owner and manager
In QA and support since 2007

Help people to do their work – yes, I like it!

But remember, it is not only about passion and good heart. It is also about deep knowledge.

Always being in touch with all the possible things inside the functionality, understanding how it should work and why, anticipating it before it is implemented.

Like a puzzle. Solving a good puzzle always makes you happy, doesn't it? For me it does!

Mikhail Fedotov

Owner and manager
In software development
since 2004

In time I realized a simple thing that probably every software developer should realize – that software development is a complex process and writing code is a very part of it.

Software development is not about programming machines – it is about programming processes that involve machines and people.

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We are looking for colleagues
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Is this work remote? Can I work from my home?

In short – yes. You work from your home or any other place convenient for you.

Do I need to relocate outside Bulgaria?

No, it is not required. You stay where you are, develop yourself in your country and participate in an international project.

Is it a freelance? So can I grab a task, make some money and leave?

Sorry, no. Usually we prefer to work on a regular day-to-day basis. We need people who would be a part of our team.

Can I have a labor contract?

Yes. We can hire you on a labor contract so you have all the social benefits.

Can I work in your office if I prefer to?

Sorry, no. We're distributed company. If we would provide an office for every our colleague, we might need about 10-20 offices in different countries/cities.

We have a representative office in Sofia, but it is just a room for meetings.

I can't / don't want to leave my current occupation.
Can I work for you in parallel with my current job / education?

It depends. What we need is regularity and predictability. We prefer to work with a person who spends for us 2 hours every day than with someone who can spent for us a full day and then drop out for several days.

Is my work schedule truly flexible?
Can I work early morning / later evening / nightly?

It is possible, but depends on a specific project you will be assigned to. Most of our projects are flexible – you need to negotiate some contact hours between you and your manager. But some projects require staying in close contact with the team.

I am a student / very new in your business processes / technologies.
Are your positions open for me?

We're not afraid of hiring a talented student without experience. What we need is not your diplomas, but your brain.

But please do not expect lectures or courses of some kind. We're a running business, we can't replace a school or a university.

Our education is going through the practical experience. Try, have questions, have feedback from your mentor, try again. If you feel you can handle that, you're welcome. +359 893 727 801

Our representative office is located
in Sofia, Pop Bogomil street, 1, office 26.
Please note it is not the address for official correspondence.

Find our office on Google Maps or on BGmaps

Programmicat Ltd, UIN 204615174, Sofia, Bulgaria

The address for official correspondence: 1618, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bratya Bakston street, 33, entrance A, office 5.

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